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Salvatori is an award-winning Italian design company specializing in natural stone. From innovative textures for walls and floors to bathroom items and products for the home such as tables, lighting and accessories, we are considered by many as the benchmark in the “design meets natural stone” field.

Drawing on the very best of Made in Italy values and cutting-edge engineering and technological know-how, Salvatori fuses old-fashioned craftsmanship with contemporary design.


Salvatori works only with the very best stone.
It all starts in the quarry where they identify the optimal extraction point where the purest material is located. Whilst this means a more limited quantity, Salvatori accepts no compromise when it comes to the quality of their raw material.

Every single product passes through the hands of the team for finishing and a final quality check.

Salvatori has been working with natural stone in this way for over 70 years across 3 generations.


In 2013, Salvatori received an award from the Italian President recognizing them as the most innovative company in Italy in the natural stone sector.

Salvatori takes raw stone, transforming it into unique and exclusive products by combining proprietary technology and techniques with the expertise and human touch of their team of artisans.

An indelible bond with the quarries just a stone’s throw away from their Tuscan headquarters, together with obsessive attention to detail and an innate ability to anticipate and reinterpret design trends are the characteristics which have long distinguished Salvatori leading to them setting the global benchmark when it comes to innovation in the natural stone sector.


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