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Cesar X CASA Houston

Cesar X CASA Houston

02 . 06 . 2024 Written by Mackenzie



Announcing the highly anticipated debut of the Cesar Kitchen Display, now unveiled at the CASA Houston showroom.

Experience the epitome of opulence and cutting-edge design as we redefine culinary excellence for the kitchen connoisseurs.


Tangram is made up five curved elements that can be combined with straight elements at will, to build kitchen islands with unusual shapes, compositions set against the wall, or even solutions that wrap around corners.
To accentuate Tangram’s fluidity, the cabinet door features a special decorative detail upon request: a three-dimensional element called Groove, made up of a sequence of vertical incisions which create an irregular pattern, designed to hide the joint between modules and ensure a unitary perception of the arrangement.
The irregular contour, the alternation between full and empty spaces, and the play of light and shadows conceal the openings of the doors, thus contributing to the final camouflaged effect.

THE 50'S

The 50’s is a modern interpretation of 1950's bookshelf and storage systems, complete with new functions to satisfy the needs of a more fluid society. This fluidity is clear in The 50’s ability to integrate and cleverly link different environments in the home. The system can be outfitted for the kitchen or living room or combine the different functions.
The versatile and elegant wall system offers real design freedom. Its vertical struts, affixed from floor to wall or from floor to ceiling, are made to measure, while the numerous accessories designed to decorate the structure can be selected and positioned as desired.


MAXIMA 2.2 is the creative design system that distinguishes Cesar for its uniqueness and cross-functionality. The over 160 finishes combined with various opening methods make Maxima 2.2 an architectural project that meets modularity, technological and flexibility requirements while preserving its linearity and attention to materials in every layout.

The breadth of its forms and endless customization possibilities make Maxima 2.2 one of Cesar’s most versatile kitchen systems.


The Intarsio system is inspired by the idea of taking apart the two-dimensional surface of traditional doors to break away from their customary geometry. Rearranging the door contours and the wood grain creates a very vivid optical illusion on a noble, traditional material such as wood, generating a creative rhythm with a strong personality.

Intarsio combines the rigorous charm typical of Cesar products with a lively desire for experimentation, offering original solutions for modern and traditional kitchens alike.


Visual lightness and technology are the inspiring principles that promoted an inversion of the traditional storage paradigm, resulting in units that are developed vertically and preserve a perception of great lightness and freedom. That’s what inspired Dress Up.

This system can be easily customized and used in endless ways: on the kitchen backsplash, in the bathroom and in the hall.
Dress Up is a modular wall system made up of elements that are only 22 cm deep and feature sophisticated solutions such as anodized aluminum profiles that support the glass shelves and accessory holders.


N_Elle is an innovative monolithic project consisting of sharp, clean-cut lines and a very lightweight appeal achieved thanks to 45-degree module edges. The 2.2-centimeter thickness of the doors and the new line of the wall and tall units now make it easy to mix and match this model with the other Cesar systems to create distinctive, elegant arrangements that focus on comfortable living.

N_Elle achieves a clean and elegant look in any home. Characterized by rigorous lines, it is built with precious materials such as marble and oak.


Written by Mackenzie

Mackenzie Cash